In the following, we want to describe the selected PC cleaning programs in more detail as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Ashampoo Win Optimizer

The Ashampoo Winoptimizer is ideal for beginners because the user interface is clear and easy to understand. For example, the function Live Tuner, which can accelerate the start of the programs, proves to be useful, the user can determine the rules for himself. The uninstall manager also lets users uninstall programs quickly and easily. Just as convenient is the anti-spy feature, which disables unnecessary Windows services and thus protects privacy.


  • Easy to use
  • Numerous functions
  • English speaking customer service


  • Gives comparatively little hard disk space
  • Minimum start time reduction

System Mechanic

More than 50 functions for optimizing the PC are provided by the System Mechanic software. It frees the computer thoroughly from the garbage, the LiveBoost is optimized in real-time the performance of hard disk, processor and memory. In addition, the NetBoost user can improve their Internet connection, so web pages are loaded faster. In order to create as much free space in the main memory, the user can use the MemoryMechanic function.

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Clear user interface
  • Overall good performance improvement
  • Low sharing of disk space

Avira System Speedup

The software Avira System SpeedUp performs the cleaning amazingly fast and thoroughly. If you want to install the software on a laptop, you can extend the battery life with the battery optimizer. Practical: The software automatically creates system restore points, so it is easy for the user to undo previously made settings, which eventually led to problems to undo. In addition, the software automatically detects SSD disks that should not be defragmented.


  • Significant start time reduction
  • Gives an enormous amount of hard disk space
  • Many functions
  • Clear user interface
  • Some useless functions

Norton Utilities

The user can also rely on Norton Utilities for basic cleaning of the computer. Furthermore, recovering accidentally deleted files is very helpful, for example. The privacy of the user can also be protected with this software, Windows logs and the browsing history can be deleted quickly and easily.


  • Excellent performance increase
  • Lush range of functions


  • User interface partly misleading
  • Start time shortening comparatively low

AVG PC Tuneup

In addition to the features listed above, the program AVG PC Tuneup brings many more features. For example, the user can quickly remove unwanted programs from the PC or laptop using the uninstall manager. Turbo mode adjusts system settings to maximize PC performance. Furthermore, this software can come up with a tool that extends the battery life. With this software, it is also possible to put the device in flight mode.

  • Noticeable start time reduction
  • Intuitive interface
  • Release of hard disk space enormously high
  • Other programs are partially affected
  • Performance of other programs decrease in part

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