If you have not yet installed a PC cleaning program and you notice over time that the performance of the computer is increasingly deteriorating, many users are looking for clues. However, many users can not handle the problems alone. When looking for solutions, users often come across PC cleaning programs, but those who do not yet know such programs, many questions. So here are the key questions and answers:

When is a PC cleaning program necessary?

At the latest, when the performance of the computer wears off, the user should install a PC cleaning software to detect and fix potential problems. It is only an advantage to install such software immediately after purchasing a computer or laptop. This way, a performance drop can be counteracted in advance, the system remains stable and there are fewer problems.

Where can I get a PC cleaning program?

Respective manufacturers offer from their PC cleaning software both download versions and versions on CD or DVD. The former is especially recommended if you want to test the software extensively. Often, the user downloads a trial version, which can be converted into a full version after the trial period. For this, the user must buy the appropriate license or a product key, this is easily possible on the manufacturer’s pages or in some online shops. If the user would like to buy the software directly and prefer to receive the program on CD or DVD, the user can order it in various online shops or buy it directly from specialist retailers. The software on CD or DVD already includes the license when purchased, the user only has to pay attention to how many devices the license covers, if he wants to equip several devices with the same software at the same time and how long the license is valid.

Is a PC cleaning program also suitable for older operating systems?

Most manufacturers no longer support older operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista. Microsoft discontinued support for legacy operating systems long ago, which means they no longer provide any updates to older systems. Especially in terms of security, it is therefore advisable to switch to a newer version of the operating system, this can be, for example, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. These operating systems are usually also supported by the respective PC cleaning programs.

Are PC cleaning programs compatible with Mac or Linux?

For both operating systems, there are some PC cleaning programs on the market, so that Mac and Linux users can clean and optimize their PC. For example, AVG PC Tuneup software has both a Linux and a Mac distribution version.

Help and Support

Most manufacturers offer comprehensive support, for example, users can get help via contact form, by e-mail or by phone. Sometimes there is even a live chat, where the user can get immediate help for his problem. In addition, there are almost always extensive FAQ sections on the manufacturer pages, some even have tutorials. Similarly, for some providers to find appropriate community forums.

So we compare

Today, the user can choose among many free offers his repair software.

However, they always cover only part of the problem. For example, some programs may discover only the unnecessary data, while others may only be suitable for removing files on the hard disk. If you are very knowledgeable and have a lot of time, you can save money with these applications. Software that combines several functions and keeps them up-to-date, but is usually charged.

It is also important if the repair can be automated. Cleaning a computer is a job that needs to be done on a regular basis. Good software does this automatically and performs all the steps without the user having to worry about it. In addition, with good software, support is important, which should at best be in English.

Price and functionality

There are also some low-cost offers in the repair software, but these are often limited to a very specific area. However, more extensive offers require a larger investment in money. In this case, the user often gets a single user license even for life. In many cases he can test the offer first. Some manufacturers even offer a full trial version. The user does not need to buy the cat in the bag. He can repair the computer several times and put the software through its paces. Good software detects registry errors, defragments the hard disk, and repairs bad sectors. Often, the software also detects malicious programs and can remove them.

Time planning and speed

A PC repair program should regularly fix errors on the computer, because only then does the system always run quickly and reliably. Many applications have therefore integrated a specific schedule. For example, the PC repair can take place every Sunday evening. In the optimal case, the user does not notice it at all. It is unfavorable if the system then runs slowly and slows down the working speed of the computer during the repair. Often then no reasonable work is possible. However, if the repair happens on a regular basis, it should be done quickly.

Usability of the software

Even if the software has a large functionality, it should be easy to use. In the optimal case, the repair of the computer runs at the push of a button. Many users are not interested in what goes on in the background and just want the PC to work normally. For other users, however, it is also important that there is the possibility to control certain processes by hand. These must then be clearly arranged and reached with one click.

Help and Support

If there are problems with the software, support should be available quickly. For example, problems can occur during the installation process. Anyone who has little experience with the installation is often a bit unsure and happy if he has expert advice on the phone. The fastest way is over the phone. Here, the customer must pay attention to whether the connection is free or charges are required. The normal telephone charges are usually not worth mentioning, with expensive paid connections, the user must think carefully whether he takes the service. In particular, if the provider is located abroad, the phone bill at the end of the month can be very high. Such a hotline increases the cost of free or inexpensive software considerably. Some companies offer a live chat. In this case, the user has the opportunity to talk to a competent employee. For e-mail support, the customer usually has to wait a few hours for a good or a few days for a passable and a very long for a bad customer service for the answer. Especially with cheap software users should not expect too much. Often they can find help in forums. But here caution is advised: Since many lay people are on the way, the help is not always up to date, competent and practical. Particularly insecure consumers and newcomers in the field of PC repair should therefore make sure that there is a telephone customer service, which is best around the clock.

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