There are many programs to clean up your computer. You can do this to gain space or to erase internet and user tracks. At a time when privacy is becoming increasingly important, it is not surprising that this type of software is very popular.

For example, CCleaner has been the most downloaded software on for years. This year, however, CCleaner had a hard time: in the summer, the cleaner was infected with malware that installed a backdoor on victims’ PCs. The takeover of CCleaner by security company Avast was also not welcomed by everyone.

Fortunately there are many more cleaners. PrivaZer is the Consumers’ favorite because it frees up most of the space on PCs. We are also a fan of PrivaZer. Last year was HDCleaner, an all-in-one cleaner and optimizer that is immediately appreciated by our visitors. The well-known, but not loved by everyone, Advanced SystemCare Free is also an all-round cleaner and optimizer, but with many unnecessary bells and whistles.

There is also the open source BleachBit that is available for Windows and Linux. And then you have Glary Utilities, System Ninja, Wise Disk Cleaner, AVG Cleaner, Comodo System Utilities, Clean Master and so on.

Nowadays there are cleaners for Windows, Mac and Linux and Android. Yet not everyone is enthusiastic about these cleaners: some people think that if they do their work too aggressively, they do more harm than good.

As a rule, we can provide the following: if you do not want to take any risks, avoid cleaning up the Windows registry or optimizing your computer. However, freeing up space and deleting tracks cannot do any harm. And with cleaners, you prefer to stick to the default settings than to check all sorts of extra items that you do not know exactly what they are doing.

Our question is:

What do you think is the best cleaner for 2019?